hello..i been reading blogs for years and never responded....i been hooked on opiets for 13 years and i'm 33.  My farther  was on methadone for 26 years due to a car accedent. The obama plan change the doses . He went to mad deprestion and took his life ..feb 11 2012 at the age of 58...he also had a valuim probem so thats why the doctor didnt reconmend suboxone... back to me.. i went to jail for sneaking methadone into a facilty and that action put me threw a drug court experince, 8 months long program that took me 2 years..calling a U.A. line 733 days every day hurricane snow sleet didn't matter had to call to do the U.A or go to prison for 6 years....i grad the program ..clean..and then relapsed ..slowly to right back where i was...then i tried suboxone....i have mix emotions on it..i really thank the naloxe is what making me have mix emotions... but what i discover is...that " YOU HAVE TO REALLY BE TIRED to tha 10th power inable TO QUIT" i been on suboxe for 7 months and my sister been on it 2 years.... I litterally planed my whole withdrawl stage by trimming the strips all the way until nuthing...  my conclution is ...u can do it and so can I....the mind is powerfull... heres some suggestions ....have tons of support, and POSITIVE life style... and also relize you dont have control of everything..im probley allways gonna smoke weed but this opeit chit is dun...wish me luck and i love everyone thats is V.O.P.E..."  victim of pill epidimic! ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed***Please read our Terms of Use