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Ok were do i start. My name is Britney im 20 years old. This is my first child. I wasnt planning on getting pregnant but it happened and im happy. Here is my problem.......Ive been on methdome maintence for a month now. Before that i was doing oxys and roxys. Im 3 months pregnant and i dont want to be on methodome anymore. The clinic were i go will not let me decrease my mgs. Im on 60 mgs a day. The say the detox can kill the baby. I dont want that to happen. But i want to completely get off drugs. I shouldnt have ever started the methodome cause its not a program you control. I dont know what to do im really scared. Can i detox while pregnant? Could i hurt the baby? Is it better to stay on the methodome? I need help and advice. Please anyone that knows anything about this or has been through it before, or knows the best thing i should do please help. I want a healthy baby and a clean and happy life. Thank you and god bless


Dear Britney, My name is Paul and i am a behavior therapist counsler.  I have treated, thousands of drug addicts, in the last 12 plus years if being in the pyscholigy field. U are listening to a person who is on 20 mgs of methadone per day, and was ordered this by the doctors.  I feel ur pain, and i believe u can triate ur methadone downwards, meaning u can reduce it gradually period of time.  U sould be reducing ur methadone by 5 mgs per week, but dont tell the clinic because they will only encourage u to stay on the 60 mgs. the reason I want u tp reduce the methadone by 5 mgs per week is because I want u to do is safely without hard to you or ur unborn child. once ur down to about 30 mgs per day i want u to gmail me at

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 I want u to gmail me just to ket me know, your current staus or progress.


Britney by no means is this going to be easy, but the methadone clinic will have u comong back month after month year after year that is how they stay in business. If u need to contact me by email please feel free to contact me and i will give you any professonal guidance absoultely free of charge. God bless u and good luck paul