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Hi there.  My name is Rachel, I am 30, and a mother, successful business person, and wife.  However, I live a double life.  My second being that I have been addicted to pain medication since I was 14.   I made an appt. tomorrow AM to go to a Clinic that specializes in methadone, suboxone, or subutex.  I don't know if I should go or not.  I need to feel that high -- I live for it. I also, don't want to set myself up for failure.  So, should I go?  If so, is one better than the other?   Thank you for any help.  It is appreciated  more than you know.  I am alone over here on this side on the world.  Thanks.


oh no no rachel ur not alone  look to ur right and u will see me sitting right next to u in that boat lol,seriously you are only alone in ur thoughts because u have a secret.i am a mom,business person and divorced but in a relationship,im currently doing methadone i get from someone other than a doc,dont do it (meth) it is the worst drug to get off of,personally i would go with the suboxone but dont do maintenance use it to get off of whatever ur doing and thats it,i did that also and it works great ,methadone is like liquid hand cuffs ur going from one addiction to a far worse on doing this c**p,iv been on the hamster wheel for about 5 years and im done!! starting my detox friday,my insides cant take any more abuse,my stomach is a mess from the c**p i put in it and im not getting any younger im 46,i hope i helped with the info again its my personal opinion good luck and anytime u want to have a b***h fest with me feel free lol  im here     

                                                    take care