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today at school in the lunch time this pack of boys who are known as the ( popular ) boys went up to this girl this girl every one kinda hates she is the biggest lier the whole school is in on this thing were we made up a name t see if she would lie or not anyway diffrent story so to day when this group of boys have gone  up to this girl and said that  i had aprently told the whole school that she had a one night stand with this guy  and this guy i ( apprently ) said she had a one night stand happends to be a good friend of mine and i would never talk sh*t about him . so when the group of boys had told this girl the boy who happend to tell her this was on of my ex boyfriends. we havent dated alll year we dated AT the start of the year and we dated for bout 3 months any way we had a big fight and split he told every one every thing that happened about me and him and i had told not a sole and then today when this girl has herd this she has come up and started abuseing me of sh*t i didnt do  any waay i then broke and it all came out it had been bulding up all year and it just came out when she was yelling at me i yelled out my esact words "

why the f**k would you listen to that f**cking C*nt and the when i walked of i was like wtf rikkey your a F**king C**t and i wish i never dated you you F**king reckead my life i wish i had never F**king dated you and i wish i never f**king F**ked you your a F**king C**t who gose round sleeping with any chck you can get your hands on "


i said that esactly And now i have to go to school to morrow and i dont know what to do becAUSE i cant get into trouble because  i will be exspelled

also i dont go around starting fight im alway the one getting beaten up i even ended up n hospitale once for 2 weeks but i dont know what to do im sick of my ex boyfriend and all the sh*t starting


dose any one have any idears on how i can stop people ganging up on me in a click of a second and also to get my ex off my mind


sorry its so long


Dear Taysha

You can't stop people ganging up on you. That's what certain types do ... it's in their nature. But you can lessen the likelihood.

  1. Respect yourself!!
  2. Don't react aggressively. That feeds the bullying type. Act as though you are unaffected. The enjoyment of seeing your reaction then goes. Over time their attacks will diminish.
  3. Moderate your language. It says more about you than the person you are addressing or discussing.
  4. Avoid sexualised language.
    • The 'C' word is a vulgar term for your vulva - that which most easily identifies you as female. Using it as a swear word demeans you as a female and also your genitals. It says you don't respect either.
    • The 'F' word is a vulgar term for sexual intercourse  - the most intimate and loving expression between a male and female. Using it as a swear word demeans your value of sex. It says you don't respect your sexuality or your body.
    • Using both terms together indicates you only see that part of your body in one way. It tends to indicate free sexual availability.
  5. Change your group. Meet with those who will be real friends. That means changing outlook and style. If you want friends you must be friendly.

Hope this helps as a start.

Take good care.