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My ex boyfriend and I broke up and had a fling back in November, I took the plan b immediately after and still ended up pregnant. Before breaking up we had 2 miscarriages that broke my heart, needless to say. Now he says because I started dancing in order to get my self out of financial debt and am saving money to open my own shop (I also own a small business) I shouldn't have this baby. I'm torn as I already have a daughter who doesn't have a mom and a dad who are together, and he keeps reminding me that he no longer loves and can't believe I could wanna bring a child into a broken family. Of course I already love this baby and my heart is so torn. Any light?


I am kinda in the same predicament you are in. I have a 6 year old with my ex, we were broken up on and off, we were together for 11 years. We had a period in November where we thought we might try again, i got pregnant, now he has run for the hills and dating someone else already.  Although it hurts, I'm still having my baby.  Children are blessing.  Men do some really hurtful and aweful things...They will never know what it feels like to have a life growing inside of you.

My plan is to keep my eyes on the prize even though i am feeling very vulnerable right now. I am due in July so I am looking forward to it.