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Ok so I wae dating this guy and my best friend told me he was cheating. But he wasnt. I think she only told me that because her boyfriend cheated on her. But before I can even ask him was it true he broke up.with me. We had been dating for 7 months. I'm 14 and he is 16. Then he thought I hated him so we didn't talk no more. Then his best friend sent me a message asking me do I miss him nd everyone thought we were cute. So then my ex calls me and we talk and I find out he has a girl. But he said he made a big mistake and he dont even like her and that he wants me and he started crying. Then she wrote on Facebook he wont even kiss her!! He broke up with her but I dont know wat to do. His two best friends told me I'm all he talks abt. And one was high wen he told me!! So I dont even kno if I shud go back to him. He cried twice and beat this guy up for trying to kiss me two nights ago.his little siblings are even begging me to take him back. They said he is depressed. And I love him.and we been through alot. I dont want to.throw it all away. Please help me.


give him a go coz ur mate was probs jel go with ur heart