A while ago i dated this guy. We were both so happy and it seemed as if nothing could change that! Except when we broke up. I starts getting really depressed and cried myself to sleep for months and whenever any guy would try anything with me or someone would speak about my ex i would end up with a fever of over 100 at the end of the day or end up feeling like i would throw up, which would last for days. Its become a normal feeling for me, which makes me concerned. The only time im truly happy is when he is or i see him. I smile whenever i see him and i cry when i reminisce. I have a new boyfriend now, its long distance. I though that i could handle it and i would be better by the time he came to visit, but i just get worse. I even tried to kill myself because im so scared that i dont know what im going to do and im sick of living like this. I just cant stop thinking about him and hes the only one i want and the only one i feel right at home with. Should i try to give it another chance and see if its really love?