I expeirenced nausea, headaches, heart burn, always tired smells make me sick ( my husband has always chewed but not when I smell it I get sick.). I went to the emergency room to get blood work done- test came out not pregnant. I also made an appointment with my family doctor to do more blood work to see why my hormones are so messed up. The doctors said my prolactin level was 10.80- Im pregnant. They called me back and said my levels are fine and Im not pregnant. 3 months later im gaining weight ( I look 6 months pregnant ) Im breast are getting a little bigger but there not sore. Im growing black hair on my stomach, my lower back and feet constantly hurt- and im feeling fluttering in my stomach a couple time a day, my husband has noticed I get the munchies. I have an obgy appointment on febuary 8th = I would be around 6 months pregnant without any prenaitale care. I have 2 special needs childre. My youngest is 8 months old with DiGeorge Syndrome ( heart problems ) and my 6 year old was born with CMV. Could i be pregnant or something lese going on with my body?