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It’s a proven fact, that the people who really need the pain meds Hydrocodone & Oxycodone (Like me who suffers from chronic pain!) rarely become addicted to it! I take the med only when I need it! But because of thease Doctors and the people that abuse it has made it very hard for me to get it! Why don’t you Doctors go to the VA web page ***** and type Oxycodone into the search box!

A Bill of Rights for People with Pain
1. I have a right to have my reports of pain accepted and acted on by health care professionals.
2. I have a right to have my pain controlled, no matter what its cause or how severe it may be.
3. I have the right to be treated with respect at all times. When I need medication for pain, I should not be treated like a drug abuser.

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Common concerns people have about pain medicine and the facts about medication are:

1:Concern: I will become “hooked” or “addicted” to pain medicine.
Fact: Studies show that getting “hooked” or “addicted” to pain medicine is very rare.

State-of-the-art pain management.

If you have questions regarding Pain Management, you may call Dr.
Thiru Anaswamy, MD, MA, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service at 214-857- 0273 or you may send him an e-mail message through Veterans
Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture
3. The risk of addiction to opioid (narcotic) pain medication is a common fear among patients with chronic pain. Addiction is defined as sychological
dependence and continued use of medication despite harm (e.g. overdose).
Addicted persons lose control over the medication and make great efforts to obtain as much medication as possible. Addiction is a multifactorial phenomenon with a genetic component. Patients without a mental history of addictive illness who have chronic pain and use the medication as prescribed very rarely get addicted.


I agree with the subject line but don't necessarily believe that people who don't abuse don't get addicted. I have never abused any medications but didn't know that this cough syrup that my doctor perscribed for me would ever get me to feel like I am now. I think he should have given me something else as my throat didn't get better til a week later so I finished the whole bottle. Now I can't sleep.

But the reason why I agree with the subject line is because I blame my doctor who gave me Hydrocodone Cough Syrup just for a sore throat .. and of course I trusted him!