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pleas i need to know cuz my friends are taken pills proscribed and i don t know if its easy to b addicted to it


I can't say for sure which pills will get you addicted the fastest, but I can tell you pain pills are the hardest addiction to break.  

If you get addicted to alcohol for example, you can take benzo drugs and break your addiction to alcohol.  Once you get hooked on narcotics, there is absolutely no substitute for them, and nothing to help you get off them.  Heroin users for instance are often stuck on methadone maintenance for life, because there just is no way to get off narcs once you're hooked on them.  

If you've got to get high, stick with pot and/or alcohol on the weekends and stay clean during the week.  You'll have a much brighter future if you do.  


Some users claim Xanax (alprazolam) is worse to break that ANY opiate. Look out for that one. 


hi guest,

after studying (in school and on my own), expermenting and witnessing drug use , i can tell you that opiate-based pills (hydrocodone, oxycontin, vicodin, etc.) are the easiest to get hooked on .

once you arent high anymore you get an awful withdrawal which in turn makes u need the drug.

 opiate pills (pain pills) also removes EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL pain really well, so some people really like this feeling and become addicted.

 benzos (anti-anxiety and anti-seizure prescription) ( Valium, Clonapin, Xanax , etc.) are also very enticing and hard to quit.

 the withdrawal of benzodiazepines make people really anxious , moody and once in withdrawal predisposes you to death and seizures.

my uncle's addicted to klonapin, ive seen many times in withdrawal and it doesnt look fun at all. he shakes a whole lot.

i have tried clonapin, thk god i knew a lot about it be4 because if i had a source for it i prolly would have became addicted, since it helped my anxiety.

i have smoked opium, but never dared try any pain pills cuz i know you get really sick the day after and continually after using each time.

 opiate withdrawal is just horrible.

prescription pills are not something to mess around with, they all have at least 10 different side effects, best to read about them first for your own safety and health.

check out wikipedia at least.


regards, take care