I just started a new job after 3 years of having no job and I realized I can't get my sleep right. I realized that I could be addicted to Hydrocodone which I took in Syrup form for a sore throat through a clinic doctor. Now I am worried since I have been trying for 3 days to get my sleep straight but normally I could sleep for 10 hours easily but now I can't even sleep more than 3 and it is killing me. I worry I will lose this new job in my first week!

Help? I have never been addicted to anything in my life except smoking which I stopped on my own without aids! I never even got addicted when I was on T3 or Mophrine or Oxycodone. Why is this so different? Is it because my pain for those were so much worse and this was just a sore throat? Why did the doctor give me something so strong for a sore throat? I didn't realize the risks except for what it said on the bottle which was simply "May cause drowsiness or dizziness" and "Do not consume alcohol whole taking this medication".

How much does it take to become addicted? How can I get my sleep straight again so I don't lose my job that I just started this week?

At first I thought it was just because I have always been a night owl and now have to work at 9am .. but after 3 days I realized there is a real problem here that I don't think I can fix on my own.