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My boyfriend of 3 years has a very bad back problem, He has never been prescribed oxycotins but a few years back he started taking them and it seemed to help his back so i was fine with it at first, but then his mood started to change dramatically, we ended up breaking up over the drug, until he insisted he was clean from them. We are now back together, but i still believe that he is taking them behind my back, i want to help him with this addiction but first i need to confront him with it, but i have no idea how i should bring it up and what should be said


Well this is certainly not going to be an easy thing to do, but if you love him you will try to help him. Oxycontin is as strong of a drug as they make, and addiction to it is very hard to kick. If he has been taking it over a long period of time and on a daily basis, as I am sure you have read on here, he will most likely endure withdrawals when trying to come off of it. That is probably the explanation for his mood swings - not having it can cause some pretty bad moods when you need it to feel normal.
I would look into a few of the symptoms or signs of usage before you confront him. Check for:
Very small pupils
Straws or snorting paraphanalia

If you see any of these, than he is most likely using the OCs again. The best way to confront him is that you have noticed changes in him and that you are suspicious that he is using again. Just tell him the truth, that you are really worried about him, and that you know how hard it must be to live with that secret. Tell him you will be there for him, and actually mean and do it, to talk to, and lean on if he does choose to get himself clean.

I know that people who are addicts can be very convincing that they are not using, but if he has been hiding his problem from you that he is probably hiding it from many other people too. And hiding things like that constantly knaw at your conscious, so I believe that once you address the signs you have seen and tell him your intent - he will probably feel better once he opens up about it. Don't get angry, and don't break up with him if it turns to a fight, he needs your help!!!

Let me know how it goes, and I hope this helps somewhat.