Please please please help me.... I think o figured out the reason im depressed and suicidal. I was molested at the age of 5... More than once. I seek attention, i want to be loved by pretty much anyone, i feel like a piece of trash. I need to tell an authority figure... No one that will tell my mom. Or the state. Someone that will keep it a secret. I want someone older that i can tell all of this to bc its destroying my life. This 18 yro tormented me and scared me so i would never tell anyone. I still remember everything that was said, done and what he looks like. I need help before this ends me. Can someone please reply i need to come clean pretty much and i cant tell my mom. Someone please please please tell me an online therapist site that i can go to. Or something where i can let everything go... If i dont do this soon... I think i may hurt myself