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Ok so me and my gf were having sex, I was wearing a condom then took it off and I came on her and cleaned everything with a towel then my gf tease me so as a joke I put it back in her without protection and I took it out after 5 to 10 seconds and then took it out and run I fingered her and we took a break and went downstairs and came back up and Then she grinded on it without protection ether well wiping everything off help or could she get pregant? I'm worried because idk if she could she's not oviolating sorry for the spelling but please get back to me as fast as possible


Hi Young, 

Yes, she could get pregnant.

You ejaculated then put it back in.  While you may have cleaned the outside of your penis you can't clean the inside, the urethra.  Any semen, not precum but semen, inside your urethra would be squeezed out as you inserted your penis into her vagina.  It only takes ONE sperm.

How do you know she isn't ovulating?  There are no visible signs of when a woman ovulates - are you thinking her period?