For the past year I have got a sharp sharp pain in my rib cage going up to my chest, I feel bubbles in my chest and when I breathe they pop when they pop it burns like an acid in my ribs and then it races up my back and it's so painful I literatly fall to the ground. I was doing some research and they said it's a serious walking pneumonia that doesnt pass by/sticks with you for your whole life if not then theres a bacteria in your abdomen that is caused by being in the forest, wetlands ,cold weather ect. they then have to do surgery on you and suck out all the bacteria. it almost feels like theres a wall that is blocking my lungs, when i told my parents about it they stated its just "mucus" but this isnt mucus. id have to take small portions of oxygen because the amount your use to breathing in is to painful, i fall to the ground and its horrible. i have also been having a lot of headaches, migrains, heart burn is always appearing and ofcourse this misturious walking pneumonia. whats going on!?