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Hi, I'm 44 and I've been diagnosed with breast cancer last year. I had a double mastectomy, oopherectomy and partial breast reconstruction. I completed last chemotherapy three months ago. Recently, I started experiencing pain in my right shoulder and neck, similar to neuropathy pain (I've been also diagnosed with neuropathy 6 years ago). The pain is getting worse and I can't sleep because the pain is unbearable when I'm lying down. I was told that shoulder and neck pain may be a sign of metastasis and that the cancer has spread. I'm so scared, hoping that this is just neuropathy or arthritis. Anything else but the mets. My oncologist scheduled me for scans next week, but I'm so anxious. What if the cancer got back? I'd appreciate any info.


Hi hun.  It's probablly nothing but get it checked for the peace of mind. I had similar shoulder and neck pain after my surgery and chemo. I had it checked and it was nothing. Apparently it was just pain related to chest muscles. I'm not good at anatomy but it's the way how they're attached to the ribs, shoulder and underarm. Basically you use those muscles differently after the surgery so thet can cause the pain. I hope it's normal and nothing to worry about, but I understand the worry too, I felt the same. Take care and good luck!