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my aunt has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, it has started to metastasize and we're all very concerned about what treatment options, if any, she has left. She already underwent both chemotherapy and radiation twice, and all the doctors told us now is that she has reached stage 4 pancreatic cancer and they left it up to her to decide if she is willing to go through another radiation therapy. It's really a horrible decision to make either way, because the only other option she have is to hope painkillers will me strong enough so she isn't suffering too much.

Is there any benefit in having radiation therapy when she's reached stage 4 pancreatic cancer? Or would it be as she feels just more unpleasant side effects from the treatment when it's not effective any more?


Hi Guest,

I'm sorry for what you and your aunt are dealing with.  I lost my grandmother to pancreatic cancer many years ago.

Stage 4 means that the cancer has spread throughout her body.  It is not confined to the pancreas any longer.

Depending upon her health, she may just wish to be treated for pain and leave it at that.  In my opinion she should try to enjoy what time she has left and not suffer through treatments that may not be of any help.  Of course, you MUST respect her wishes.

Sorry to be so negative but as you know, the prognosis is not good.

Good luck to your both.



I think Immunotherapy is the best treatment even at later stages as it works on Immune system.It is a painless cancer therapy with no side effects.