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hi im 14 im turning 15 soon and ive been masturbating to my (girl) friends (not girlfriend, friends that are girls JUST SPECIFYING IT lol) pictures. ive been masturbating to different friends not just one and not only friends but other girls that i dont know. i started when i was REALLY YOUNG like at 10 or 11. also, i really want to see my friends naked and have sex with them is this normal? if not, how do i stop? im scared that when i grow up, i might become a pedophile.. ive been getting boners non-stop and i just want sex so bad but in my country, its kinda weird i guess? i live in asia sooooo yeah..


Hi xX

Looking at your friends and and others is normal your attracted to them and wanting to see them naked or fantasizing about them is normal.
As long as your not doing anything like stalking or spying on them your not really doing anything wrong.
Frequent erections are part of puberty and most guys masturbate.
Wanting too have sex is also normal just make sure you don't give into the temptation until your older respecting your countries beliefs and what your family values are is the right thing to do.