I'm 14 and my mom makes me go to bed at 9:00 or 9:30 on school nights. (sometimes 10:00 if I have a lot of homework). When I go to bed later than I am supposed to, my mom will give me sh*t for it saying that I never listen to the rules and stuff like that. I know this isn't bad compared to other kids, but this isn't the worse part. Today, for example, I got home and I was exhausted cause I just had sports fitness and we were doing a lot of running. I took and small nap and when my mom came to my room and saw that I was sleeping, she had a fit. She yelled at me saying I was ruining my sleep schedule and that I don't go to bed early enough. I politely told her that I already go to bed early enough and that I was just tired because I just had sports fitness. She started yelling even louder she said "You don't go to bed early enough and don't try blaming it on school. You're gonna have to start being more responsible like your sister!" I said "First of all, please stop yelling I have a huge headache and I feel like i'm going to pass out." She said "Well I hope you pass out because maybe that will teach you a lesson about going to bed late. You know what, until your responsible enough, i'm taking your phone away." She started talking about how i'm starting to become depressed but the only reason i'm starting to become depressed is because every time I try to talk to her, she ends up yelling at me and talking about how I should be more like my sister. My sister is really smart and responsible and she never does anything wrong. My mom always compares me to her and it's really annoying because I'm not as perfect as her and she always finds a way to find the worse in me. For example: Last week I got a 98% on my french test and I was extremely happy about it. I showed my mom and she said "You should not have gotten those 4 mistakes. Anyways, every time I try to talk to her about she tells me "am I really that strict?" I say yes and she says "NO! I'M NOT" She yells at me and slams her door. Almost every night she makes me consider moving out. I know i'm too young but I want to move in with my grandma who lives just a few streets away.