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Hi my names Jake I'm Asian and my parents are really strict and I have nosy cousins that report to my parents if they see anything wrong that I'm doing with girls. I have a white secret girl friend that nobody knows about and she's getting upset that I don't see her very much . What should I do ???????? Should I go over to her house and meet her parents or leave her because if I see her parents then there gunna contact my parents :o and I will be in deep ****


This is up to you, your cultural differences are your parents decision and for you to honor it or not.  Of course if they love they will eventually get over it (at least that is the way of Caucasian's) and of what I know of Asian's they would rather you stick within your culture/ethnicity.  Saying that, in today's society it is not uncommon to see the races mix much more now than they used to, it is the older generation who would still like it as it used to be.  I was raised in a strict Christian family and us girls started to date there was no way would I ever have had the nerve to bring home a colored a guy but yet my older sister is married to a black man and they are very happy as is my parents.  In my in-laws family my sister in-law is married to a East Indian and pregnant with their first child and I am ecstatic, but of course mixing of races can be work to maintain these relationships while honoring certain traditions as well.  All in all, your decision.  Hope this can help somehow