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Over the weekend while I was out of the house my 14 year old decided that she was going to go through my room snooping. She went into my nightstand drawers and she found a small tin that had some pot in it and some rolling papers (she is actually my stepdaughter who lives with her mother and is here every other weekend). She also found some other personal adult things that she had no business seeing but I am more upset about the pot. My husband talked to her and things are just not going well. She said that if she ever finds it in the house again she will never come back down etc.

First off I have several problems with the fact that she went through my room, but she asked me if I did drugs with her dad and at this point I have not answered her because I am so angry that she invaded my privacy that I just want to explode on her. She is making such a big deal out of this whereas my step son feels that it is our business and that it is not that big of a deal and that she is over reacting (I agree) He by the way is 15.

So here is my problems......what do I do now. I am not going to stop smoking pot (I smoke about a half a joint a night, just enough to take the edge of the stressful day away) but I also don't want her snooping through my personal and private things. I just don't know how to handle this and I am freaking out


What u and your husband have in your bedside table is absolutley for your eyes only. The thing that concerns me is the pot, which by the way is also your business but....Will stepdaughter tell mom? That won't be a problem if mom smokes it to, but if she doesn't, stepdaughter could make a mountain out of a mole hill!!!
As far as an axplanation on smoking up with her dad, again, none of her business. Don't make her feel like your on the witness stand. If you feel that she is mature enough to understand, try to have a conversation with her about it. But stress to her that under no circumstances is she allowed in your personnel stuff.
I gotta tell ya something funny tho. When i was a kid, around 9 or so, i went snooping in my parents room. They had a bed with a bookcase headboard with doors on it. Well, i opened the door and found a freakin cucumber in there!!!! I had no idea why my parents would want to eat cucumbers in bed. It took a while for me to figure it out, i'm talkin years!!!
I never brought that up to them, but i still laugh about it to myself.
Didn't mean to get off track, just tryin to make you laugh. Good luck with stepdaughter and keep in touch.