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Hi everyone. I'm a 13 year old girl, and like any 13 year old, I make mistakes, lots of them. But my parents (mom especially)cant seem to understand that. Every time I make a mistake it's because I'm being "ungrateful." it's like they want me to be a perfect angel . IM NOT PERFECT. I'm not 40 years old. I'm 13. I don't know everything they know. My brain is notdeveloped. I'm still just learning. Making mistakes is how people learn right from wrong. My parents are both teachers. Shouldn't they understand this? I used to have a GREAT relationship with my mom. Not anymore. We are constantly mad at each other. I still love her to death. I wouldliterally die for her with no hesitation, but sometimes she is just sit not understanding! Does she not remember what it was like to be 13?!? I used to tell my momeverything,but now I'm so secretive from her because I know she will just judge me or get mad at me. For example- I cut my self. (mostly because of her getting mad at me too often) another thing shedoesn't know is that I'm so insecure about my body. She also doesn't know I cry every night. She doesn't know that I am just 13. Just a baby in this world. I'm still learning and shewants me to just skip straight from childhood to adulthood. Sorry mom, it doesn't work that way. HoI can I get through this horrible horrible stage of my life without killing myself, cutting myself anymore, or being depressed (did I mention I have depression? Another thing she doesn't know about me. Only me and my school counselor know) please help me because I feel like life is just too much for me.


hi im a 13 year old girl to, and i feel the same way, but its not your mom. Its us girl teenagers and are day i want to kill myself,then the next its the best day ever. my mom told me that when girls start peuberty we hate are moms because we think they dont know what there talking about, but they do. its just your hormones, and about you cutting yourself, go to the counselor she can help u with that