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Good day Moms & Moms to be : :-(

I am 19 weeks pregnant and carrying my 3rd child, but nothing is showing yet and that i weighed 73kg's and two months after i weighed the same is there anything wrong with me or the child maybe?

Good Luck to those who are expecting babies and Congratulations to those who gave birth to healthy babies...



i never show until 24 weeks or seem to gain much weight! I was worried with my first, and he was very poorly, he had anacephaly which meant his brain didnt develop at all so unfortunately we ended the pregnancy at 24 weeks :-/ . . but then it happened in my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy also-no bump til 24wks, and they are perfectly healthy babies :-) we're expecting our 4th baby in october and its quite nice not showing until later on as it means u still get to fit in lots of clothes hehe