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Hi all. I am 19 year old girl and I have this problem since puberty. I have very defined muscles on my arms, literally with cuts. The thing is that I don't workout at all. I'm casual runner, but I do not lift weights or something like that. Many love the way I look, but honestly I don't. I desperately want feminine round arms without visible muscle definition. How can I achieve that? Is gaining weight a solution? I'm very slim and I have problem with gaining weight, but I'd give my best to eat more. :)


Hi. Well, it simply may be your genetics and there's not much you can do about. Second thing is your diet. Some foods tend to promote your muscle growth such as proteins. Also, fats aren't good either because may just bulk you up. Think about including cardio exercises besides running. Aside from dieting and cardio, pushups are good way of getting leaner arms, although it may sound strange. I've noticed that my arms are looking leaner, since I have started doing a lot of push ups. Also, you should include pilates and yoga in your exercise routine, they both may do terrific job in sliming arms.