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I am a 17 year old girl and just recently started having sex with my boyfriend. The first time we did so was back in June right before a camping trip with my friends. Two days later I had severe pain while urinating & an intense urgency to go. I thought this was the discomfort of peeing in the woods and kept the info to myself. 4 days later I contracted a kidney infection which I let go for another 3 days before going to the ER. I was on two different antibiotics as well as taking bladder spasm meds and cranberry pills for about a week and a half. 4 days later symptoms came back, so I did another round of antibiotics. I was fine until...

My boyfriend and I had sex again on 7/28 and the next day, it burned yet again. This time is wasn't nearly as severe though. These symptoms have been going on now since then, still not as much pain or urngency and definitely does not feel anything like the UTI I had. This is much more tolerable. But this time it feels like the burning in mostly in my vagina rather than my urinary tract. My period is also 3 days late and I am just now beginning to feel cramps. I am on birth control and have been taking a prescription bladder spasm med.... Also my boyfriend and I were both virgins to each other and I know that for a fact, so it couldn't be an STD... could it?

My questions:

What is it?
If I tell my parents and they take me to the doctor, can it be traced back to sex?
Can it by any chance be an STD even if he didn't have anything?
What should I do???!

Thanks for your time!!


well, kidney infections, as you probably know now, can be brought on by UTIs. i'm almost in the same boat. i had what someone referred to as "vigorous sexual intercourse", and told me it was more than likely i have a bladder infection at the moment. i don't have health insurance, so i haven't visited a doctor but you might have a bladder infection also. i'm having cramps, bloated feelings, light nausea, and it does still hurt to pee but not like the UTI did. i'm also on birth control and when we had sex, it was unprotected but i was on my pill and we used spermicide + withdrawal. i highly doubt you have an STD, don't worry about that! i have yet to tell my parents, because i'm also scared of them tracing it back to sex. the thing is, when you have sex it can push bacteria into the urethra which causes the infection, so it can very well be traced back to sex. if i were you, i would do what i'm planning to do! i won't see my boyfriend until this weekend, but he's running out and buying me the AZO strips (which let you know if you have a bladder infection or UTI without taking a trip to the doctor's) and some prego tests just to make sure. good luck, i hope we both figure out what's going on!