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Hi everybody,

I had total thyroidectomy and RAI due to cancer a year ago. I’ve recovered quite well so far and currently I’m taking kelp and iodine supplements, but since I’m in my twenties I really feel left out when I go out with my friends because I’m not sure if I’m allowed or not to drink alcohol. I’m talking about drinking in moderation, a glass of wine or two, nothing in excess.

My endocrinologist haven’t mentioned anything about it being forbidden - but I also didn’t ask specifically. If there’s anyone on here who is in similar situation, do you drink alcohol? Do you think it’s safe after total thyroidectomy?


Why wouldn't it be? I had my thryoid removed 4 months ago due to Graves Disease. I have a few now & then. No problem. And why are you taking iodine? Since your thyroid has been removed you don't need iodine since your body is not producing the thyroid hormone anymore. Are you taking sythroid? That's the synthetic thyroid hormone ... iodine does not work on it.