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I'm a 16 year old girl and I'm getting a colonoscopy in a week and I don't know how i should prepare for this. Can anyone help me?


Where are you from? I had two (in the UK) over the last few years. I was given a potion to 'drink' to clean out my bowel, and my 'input' was restricted for several hours before. I was given instruction from the hospital about that.

The procedure was not comfortable, but bearable, and I opted not to have the sedative. I had the cannula inserted just in case the procedure was too uncomfortable.

I was able to watch on the screen the display from the camera - I found that fascinating.

The first colonoscopy picked up a tumour, and I subsequently had to have an operation. The second one was clear. 

I hope that helps as a start. If you want to ask anything else, please feel free.