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I'm in my mid teens & I've noticed that my labia minora hang a little, and they're darker (a sort of purple) on the outside and a pinkish on the inside. I'm kinda worried about it and it's preventing me from having sex... Is this normal? Because I'm getting so worried.

Also, when I shave I always get bumps on my vagina, is there any way of preventing this?


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They sound pretty normal to me. Everyone's different. Some hang way out, some are like yours and some can't be seen without spreading the outer lips. They are usually much darker than the other lips. Purple, brown.

For the bumps from shaving you can look in the drug store shaving section for special shaving stuff just for women. Bumps are common after shaving that area for both men and women. Your skin may become accustomed to it in time.

I wonder if anyone has tried an electric shaver and how well that works?