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ok, so i am a girl, and im 15, and i alwways shave my ..... buut anyways im scared to shaveee like near my clit when i spread out my legs. cuz i feell as if im gonna cut myself, but its reaallyy haiiry their and its uncomfortable, and to be honest i watch porn alot , and those girls have PERFECTLY clean shaves and im like wtf hhow is that posssible plzz hellp


if ur too scared 2 do it 4 urself...or not confident enuff...then google sum ways to harmlessly be able 2 shave urself.
Hope i hlped and gd luck wit ur shaving


Well, it's entirely reasonable to be concerned about that, given the importance of your clitoris in sexual pleasure.

Notwithstanding which, millions of women do manage to 'shave' (remove body hair) themselves safely and effectively.

Here's how: basically same rules apply as to under your arms, or the rest of your mons, with a few subtle caveats to ensure greater safety and comfort:

- firstly, means: you can use:

- a safety razor (bic, disposable or non-disposable razor)
- an electric shaver
- depilatory cream
- wax
- tweezers, fingers

For convenience, I suspect you'll find most women use a disposable razor. If you're going to make it a habit, I'd suggest you may consider getting a (man's) replaceable blade razor, unless there is an elegant feminine equivalent. The blades on disposables are not always of the highest quality, and can cause slightly more discomfort. Having said that, I've found Gillette (I have to shave too remember, but yes, I can advise on the specifics of this particular area from experience) disposables (twin blade) to be be both cost effective, and high quality.

= Razor (safety, disposable)

Tips for protecting the clitoris are:

- firstly, keep it visible - don't obscure the area with cream or foam

Use a simple, reasonable alternative - almost anything will do, even just a little (non-foamy) soap, or a little shaving gel.

- second, keep your strokes with the grain, ie: following the direction of the hair, from root to tip

Depending on your physiology, it will be very difficult to carelessly bring the head of the razor into contact with your clitoris.

[Note: safety razors are called that for a reason: the 'gap' or depth of cut they can inflict is incredibly narrow, so while your caution is appropriate, if only to avoid severe discomfort, they were invented for a reason, and significant damage or bleeding from a satety razor is even in the worst case unlikely - but I'm sure someone will manage to prove me wrong on that one.]

Obviously, razors are only effective on short hair: careful trimming with the scissors resting on your mons will again ensure that a normal (pea sized) clitoris will be safely out of the way of any cut.

= Electric shaver - what's the difference between an electric shaver and a vibrator? Not much. Go figure.

- As long as the foil is undamaged, it is truly impossible to cut yourself with a smooth flat (gently curved) piece of metal.

If the foil is damaged or worn, you can. So pay attention, try it on your arm or mons, if it doesn't scratch and has no visible damage, your fine.

Trim with scissors, as per razor. Apply the razor gently to the stubble. Don't in general use the 'beard' trimmer (if a lady shaver has such, or again, men's shavers are used every day, any reputable brand, lady's or men's.

The trick with the shaver is to remember to remember to remove the shaver. You can always shave again later.

== Depilatory cream, wax, tweezers:

very briefly, shaving leaves the root of the hair intact, so it grows out quicker and your quickly regain a stubble, even with the smoothest shave.

if you do shave deep enough to remove the stubble, you are far more likely to have ingrown hairs and spots, none of which are particularly aesthetically pleasing, and the stubble is a lot less pleasuring for your partner than natural, soft hair.

Depilatory cream (check the instructions, test on the upper - tummy part of your mons, then mons proper, then apply carefully and minimally (this will be three sessions, then, before you do this) as the cream is a chemical, and you want to find out if you react badly to the cream in a relatively robust area first.

Try to be particularly careful to keep any strong creams, chemicals, whatever, away from the clitoris for obvious reasons.

Rinse and keep rinsing (shower head) if you do get any there, and you can feel anything (ie: it is reacting).

Wax and tweezers, well, I'll leave that to your discretion. How much pain and discomfort can you stand?

Apparently, so we're proudly told, quite a lot.

--- Bottom line: a little bit of care and attention, and it is very difficult to do damage or risk a cut. Fail to pay attention, only with the razor can you reasonably expect to have even the slightest risk of a cut. (Careless with the scissors, I don't want to think about: if you don't trust scissors first, go with the electric shaving option).

=== Last thought ===

You may not appreciate it yet, but pubic hair is there for a reason: it traps the moisture, creating a pleasant 'sauna', vs a dessert which quickly dries out moisture during sex. The US (mainly) and porn (mainly) shaving passion is a recent invention - Go Internet! - and there is a counter-culture of natural, but ultimately that's down to you.


ok thaanku i needed thaat and umm im sorry, whats mons??


Hey you. Guess who showed up to answer your question. (Didn't see it was you when I started writing it).

Mons is latin for mound - so your mons is the mound of paperwork you've generated by your questions, that we can turn into a book-of-life for teens: 'A Teen And Her Genie: Answers From The Internet'. Might as well do something useful with all this wisdom...

The mons in question though is basically the area that, if you look down, is where pubic hair currently grows or would grow.

The female genitals are broadly described as the mons (the bit you cover with a thong or bikini), the outer lips (the folds that create the 'crack' or split or 'camel toe' effect, labia majora - more latin), and inner lips, the petals (labia minora, or simply the labia).

So the mons is sensitive, but safe, robust skin: the labia, much more sensitive, vulnerable to hygiene, disease issues, etc, and then inside there's well, inside... your vagina, womb / uterus etc. etc. etc. Check out online or a textbook for the gruesome details!


ohh okk that maakes more sense hahaa i was confused cuz u kept using it lol, thanks fer responding again!!


pleasure! as always.


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Why are shaving?
If it's to please your bf, I bet you wouldn't have a very hard time talking him into doing it for you. ;-)
If you're doing it for you, I'm sure it will get easier the more you do it and you will be able to get it the way you like it with experience. :-)