Okay, I'm on nuvaring. I have been for months, I haven't had antibiotics since march 1st. 

My last period was April 7th-April 11th. I had sex (with a condom!!) April 24, which according to my period tracker is four days after ovulation. 

Here's the problem. The day before i was supposed to get my period, i had brown discharge. I use a diva cup, the next day the cup was about half full of this brown sludge after 7 hours of working. That evening still brown but not much. Have had slightly red when i wipe and a little red in my cup. It ended today, which my app said it would because my normal periods only last four days.

im in full blown panic that this could be implantation bleeding. I have two toddlers as a single mom and have avoided sex like the plague for almost a year because i was afraid that even on bc i would get pregnant.