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I can take it back to Feb. that i would get my period towards the end of the month. In April i got my period on the 28th and rolled over to May (ended around may 3rd or so) Now on June 7th my partner and i had unprotected sex and when i went to the bathroom to wipe i had brown spotting. About 5 mins. after i had cramps. Its june 11th now and im still spotting brown, no red, just like a darkish brown. The only other times i would spot brown would be after my period or because my period would start the next day. It didnt happen in this case. What could this be?? I tried to make an appointment but where i called theyre bonked until July. And this is really the first time where ive sqotted brown for more than a day



Just wanted to add that im not on birth control and also, maybe about a week ago before the spotting, i had a sharp pain in my stomach. I havent had that pain since then. I hope that wouldnt mean a miscarriage or tubal pregnancy because my partner and i have been TTC for almost a year now