I'm very involved in school: I do theater, vocal, leadership, link crew, basketball and take honors and AP classes. In addition, my weekends are packed with games and community service opportunities. I'm small for my age, and slightly underweight but I've always been this way. My parents constantly yell at me for deprioritizing my education and my health even though the only thing that's making me unhappy is them. Whenever I try and talk to them about it, they say they're doing what is best for me. In addition, they restrict how much I can go out and take my phone and computer constantly because I'm "off task". They try to restrict the things I do that I love because I don't have good time management or am too busy to spend time with my friends. In addition, I need my phone for my homework but they think I'm lying. The only reason I'm lying is because I'm afraid of what they would do if I told the truth. I'm happy with myself and my life but whenever they yell at me I break down and want to do nothing that makes me happy. My parents are kind and helpful but they don't understand the stress I'm in and how much more stress they put me in. I don't know what to do anymore.