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OK look, whenever my mom thinks that my sister and me cannot hear them, they start arguing about anything like how my dad is never home or irrisponible. If we inturupt then they yell at us and if we try to yell back we get punished. i just want them to stop arguing because i am seriously scared that they might divorce.


Hi Sadneedshelp,


You posted this two days ago, so I hope you're feeling better now.

Sometimes, parents have issues with each other that are nothing to do with the children that are stuck between them. When you get shouted out and punished, it's because they're (a) embarrased that you caught them arguing & that's not something they want you to see and (b) because they probably think that it's their issues and you're getting involved in something that they don't think concerns you.


The thought of their parents getting divorced is scary for any child. When parents split up, it can feel as if your world is breaking apart, but what you have to think about is this- would you rather your parents be unhappy together or happy apart?

At the moment, they're arguing and there's alot of bad feeling between them- it's upsetting you and your sister and making your home uncomfortable. But- if they split up, the arguments stop. You and your sister will then have two parents who are not hating each other anymore and can concentrate on being happy.


Speak to them- don't shout or critisize them. Sit down with them at seperate times and tell them how much it's hurting you and your sister. If you can, get your sister to speak to them with you. Tell them how it makes you feel and what that you're scared of what will happen. It may be enough to get them to try and sort things out, but it might not.


You don't say how old you are, so I'm guessing teens (?). By your writing and terminology, I would say you're old enough to understand that not all relationships work out. As couples get older together, some grow apart- they develop different interests and attitudes- and sometimes they break-up. What's important in your situation is that you have a good relationship with both of your parents, whether they're together or apart.


I hope things work out for you- best of luck.