Hello, My husband and I have been trying to conceive the past two month now. We had sex multiple times during what was estimated to be my ovulation period. I had a regular period last month and I was expecting my period again this October 27th. I had spotting; light pink, brown for first day then a little red, still spot every few hours, but no flow. It lasted three and a half days. I am regular 28 day cycle, regular bleeding, little bit of cramps, enough to take advil. I haven't got my period yet and for the past two weeks have been getting increasingly more pregnancy symptoms. Bloating, gassy, urinating all the time, day and night, hungry all the time, every hour almost my stomach is hungry, even after a big meal. I've been having hot flashes, nausea, dizziness and even my stomach is bigger than normal. I have a one year old son and with him I had found out I was pregnant and then a couple days later spotted a couple hours. I was again really hungry, and tired just like now. I've taken multiple home tests and one blood test on the 27th when I was expecting period. All negative. I can see the line start to respond to the urine then it will disappear. Am I reading it wrong, I used first morning urine and waited the appropriate time to see results. Am I testing too early or could it be that I am not far along yet? I am going to take a test on Monday the 1st on November and see, but if not I guess wait to see if I have a period next month, unless symptoms get worse, then I guess I'll see if they can do an ultra sound. If you have any ideas, please let me know.