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Hi, my name is Andrew and i have been stuck in the middle of puberty. When i was 14-15 i was always reading that puberty in guys should have already started so i would always ask my parents if its ok and my doctor and they both said im just a late bloomer. I started puberty almost a year ago. i have some armpit hair, pubic hair, leg hair but i haven't developed any arm hair or facial hair. i never experienced acne or bad pimples and my voice hasn't really changed. i did experience some testicular growth but thats it. I feel like im stuck in the middle of puberty. for the last 4 months nothing has really changed.


Hi Andrew,

Your description is that you are in puberty.

Some guys are just not very hairy - ever.  Not all people, male or female, get pimples - ever. 

Your voice can gradually deepen over time and you can become more hairy too.  We all develop at different rates/times.  Many guys are still getting hairy into their 20's.  It's all NORMAL.

Hope it helps.