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hey its callum and im 15 and 16 in a few days i haven't hit puberty yet i am really getting worried that i may not ever hit it 


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hi Callum, 

have you noticed your testicles getting bigger or hanging lower at all? do you have any armpit or pubic hair? have you noticed your penis getting longer? has your voice gotten deeper?



Hi callum

Your just starting puberty so gradually all the changes associated with puberty will happen including your penis growing.
How long it takes and how much you will grow is hard to predict your late starting puberty compared to some but now that you have started puberty the changes you are concerned about will start to happen.
Your a late bloomer but that is common your small for for being almost 16 but for just starting puberty it's understandable all you need is more time to grow and develop.
It is embarrassing being smaller but you still have lots of time to grow and develop.