Hi i have pcos and have been taking clomid 100mg for the past 2 months I know it can give you some pregnacy symptoms but I have been feeling them and more. I have had sore breast which have gotten bigger and more fuller. My breast now have green veins going into my nipple and I never had that before I took the clomid. I have felt nauseated and even have to pee more often. I feel tired all the time and just wanna lay down and I'm a naturally hyper active person. I have had some weird cravings like pickles and nutella and certain things I use to love make me nauseated. I had a period last month but it wasn't normal it was only 3 days but was pretty heavy and then just stopped and that's never happened and after I still had all these symptoms. I have taken 5 pregnacy tests and they all came out negative. Could I be pregnant if not what is wrong with me?