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 I m fifteen years old. I do not smoke, drink, and I m still a virgin. I stay fairly active in dance and surround myself with people that make me very happy. These past months, my period has been irregular. This month, my period hasn t come at all. I m concerned due to my body and the symptoms I m under. 


-Cramping in stomach and back

 -Breats feeling fuller

 -Nipple growth

 -Nipple darkening

 -Nipple clear/white discharge


 -late period

 -and my vagina is having a white/milky discharge. 

I m a bit of a hypochondriac, so when I looked these up, it said that these were all symptoms of someone being pregnant. My stomach also doesn t look/feel as flat. I talked about this with a parent who also assumed that I had been fooling around with my current boyfriend. Well, I ve never had sex; still a virgin. If I m a virgin, what could be giving me these symptoms of a pregnancy? My last period ended on the 6th of June and it's now the 2nd of July... NO PERIOD.


ALSO: my Basal temperature is currently raising. Help.


This could just be a growth spurt