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Hi. I am a 21 year old with PCOS and possible endometriosis. My husband and I started TTC young (we have been for 1 year) because we were well aware that I would have difficulty getting pregnant. With this cycle, I took Glucophage, Clomid (100 mg), and Synthroid (50 mcg). I ovulated either October 19th or 20th. For the last week, my breasts have been much more tender, esp. at the nipple area. I have noticed other breast changes as well. For the last couple of days, I have been getting very crampy and believe this all to be PMS. I just feel like I will start a period, but I never have as much breast tenderness with PMS or any changes in breasts (darker, more prominent veins). I have taken several HPT tests. The first one that was taken for positive was on Monday, October 30th. Went to GYN, and the preg. test I took there was neg. I have taken 4 more, 2 pos (very very faint) and 2 neg. Anyone with any similar experiences care to interpret any of this info. for me. Could I be pregnant with the abd. cramping? I am a NICU RN since age 19, would love to finally have good news for my husband and I. %-)


I can certainly tell you that the doctors said I ave PCOS. I got all the symptoms of PMS. Stomach cramps that were sharp and also very light bleeding. Did a HPT and it was sort of negative so we dismissed it. I kept getting sharp pains ever so often on my right ovary. Went to the doctor for the pain and I found out I was 8 weeks pregnant. Never got morning sickness had a perfect pregancy but my labour was very painful. I had a beautiful baby boy.

Good luck this may be it for you.

ps. my GYN did an internal exam and we saw his heart beating :-)