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Im turning 16 in 2 months and I still have very little signs of puberty. I barely have any body hair such as armpit let or arm hair I also have little pubic hair however I have started to notice a little hair on my testicles. My balls haven't dropped yet which is pretty upsetting. My penis is about 1/12 inch soft and 3/12 hard it's really embarrassing and I'm wondering what I should do I'm also 5'6 and about 170 pound which is over weight so can you please help me out and tell me what I should do in order to see changes in my body


Hi Help,

Your balls drop near birth.  You can feel both of them, correct?  If so then you are normal in that regard.

OK, you're not hairy.  Not all guys develop armpit hair right away.  Many don't have any until 15/16 or even later.  The thing about puberty and development in general is that we ALL develop at different rates and times.  You are noticing signs of puberty - the pubic hair, and are NORMAL.  There is a good chance that you didn't start puberty as early as your friends did.  They have likely already had a growth spurt and you should soon too.  Your penis can grow into your early 20's as well.

In addition, being overweight can make your penis appear to be smaller than it is.  Any fat on the groin helps conceal part of it. 

I don't think you need to see a doctor.  The best thing you can do is really just eat a healthy diet and get plenty of rest and exercise. 

You are NORMAL sir.  Hope it helps.