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i had my implant out on 27th april and has injection at the same time but was told tp be careful for 2 weeks... but one thing led to another on the 29th... i came off my period about the 22nd april... and i still havent came on... i have 2 children, i am getting alot of lower bacvk pain n really low stomach ache, im eating alot n feel sickly all the time but with my other 2 children my breasts were so tender... co im confused... was at docs 18th may n she took a test n it was negative n i done 2 hpts n they are the same!!

Can anyone Help or give advice? is it just the side effects of gettin implant out n injection given?!?



I had the implan also and had it removed aug 2nd. I am having the lower back pain, nauseous off an on through out the day plus heahaches and bloating feeling. my 3 hpt that i took came back negaive and i went to the dr 2 times and they both came back negative. im lost myself