I've been having indigestion, heartburn and inconsistent, runny stools that have been happening for over a month now on and off and are now more prominent and happening almost 30 minutes after each meal. My diet has changed a lot since I moved to residence. I've been eating more randomly throughout the day and not as healthy or full meals. I've also lost 5 pounds or so which I'm not sure is normal or bad either. I went from smoking 1-2 cigarettes a day before I moved to residence to roughy 10 for the first month. Now I've been back at where I was for the last week 1-2. It gives me really bad anxiety thinking about it all which makes symptoms worsen. Another thing is I'm not sure if this would be a symptom of anxiety either but I've been getting random muscle twitches all over my body for the last couple weeks too. As well as almost spasms sometimes, a muscle almost vibrating. Could these things be something serious? Or is it just my change in diet and anxiety? What should I do?