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Hello everybody.

I've had nausea for 9 years now and I really need help to figure out what's wrong with me because it really ruins my life.

Here's my story...

All started when I ate pike-perch. After 4 hours I suddenly started vomiting violently until my stomach was completely empty, then I vomited some more. After about 2 weeks later I had "vomiting" which lasted couple weeks. 2 moths later I ate pike-perch again and exactly the same pattern repeated, but more violently (3 other persons ate the same food both times with no symptoms). From that moment I've had nausea everyday and had 3 times over week lasting "vomitings" in 4 months (nobody got it from me, so it wasn't contagious). Vomiting decreased little by little until I vomited only couple times a month but it never stopped until after 2 years when I stopped using milk (in its entirety, lactos-free didn't help). I think that somewhat this point I started to have very soft stools too. Later I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance althought I never had problems with milk before, until after that pike-perch incident. Nowadays I have to go to bathroom every morning (sometimes in real hurry) and it doesn't matter how loose my stool is, I usually don't have to visit bathroom again that day.

Some symptoms:
- Daily nausea, usually worse in the morning. Comes and goes without warning. Might get much worse in a matter of seconds and vice versa.
- Sometimes gets really bad, then continuous nausea lasting from days to weeks.
- Eating relieves mild nausea in 80% of cases from couple minutes to some hours.
- Tiredness and mild dizziness (especially when intense nausea)
- Bubbling and growling (growling usually after some hours from last meal and comes often with very unpleasant feeling and nausea)
- A lot of Burping (with or without nausea but burping might sometimes ease nausea)
- Often strong pressure (or something like that) feeling just under the breastbone and/or near navel.
- Soft stools (doesn't bother but worth mentioning)

I Don't have any pain or constipation.
For Several years No heartburn, then some, and now I have used acid-reducing drugs for about a year.

Some things I have tested :
- Many Prescription drugs (nausea, speed up stomach emptying etc.)
- Natural product-diet for Yeast Syndrome which made me feel worse and I started vomiting again (not often though).
- All kinds of diets to exclude food allergies.
- Acid-reducing drugs (used almost a year now)
- Lactic acid bacteria etc.
- Natural Digestive Enzyme Supplements
- Fiber-products (should make stools harder)

Tested with :

- gastroscopy (2 times, first time nothing and after several years sliding hiatal hernia).
- Colonoscopy
- CT-Scan
- Wide ranged blood work, everything's ok.
- Stool test: Blastocystis Hominis, treated with 400mg Trikozol but never checked if the parasite was removed.
- Ultrasound : kidneyparenchymas echo was was near livers echo (or something:). It's not common but these variations can occur (said the paper I got)
- H. pylori negative

Extra notices which probably have nothing to do with my sickness but then again...
- Can't play 3d first person shooter games nor watch movies filmed with handheld camera-style couple minutes longer without getting badly motion sick. Except for the bad eyesight and cylinders my eyes should be ok, at least that's what the optician said.
- Pike-Perch was fished from a lake with quite high concentrations of mercury and I have Amalgam fillings in 5 of my teeth.
- There's no smell of mold but I suspect that there might be some.

I would be very thankful if someone has any clue what to do now, I'm clueless myself


Hi I have similar experience and I will talk with you about it

Any other symptoms?

ringing in the ears? tremors of limbs or spontanesous muscle twitches? anxiety or mood swings? poor memory, concentration? heart recing or pounding? dizzy or head spinning?


Hello ...

Thank you for answering.

I've had this illness for so long that I actually don't know if some symptoms are related or not and I think I might have missed/got used to some too, but lets see...

Don't have ringing ears. Not sure about muscle twitches... maybe some but I consider it normal.

... but then....

Anxiety and mood swings... Anxiety yes, but I think it's just psychical result of my physical condition I'm getting very tired with.

Poor memory ! Very very true... my memory is incredibly bad. It's never been very good to begin with, but now I'm almost all the time distracted and have a really hard time remembering anything. Didn't mention this 'cause I think it's result of not using my brains and the lack of will.

When I'm very nauseated ,I have those heart racing/pounding and head spinning which I think is normal when feeling very sick.
Feeling of dizziness is little more complicated thing...
not sure but it is possible that I'm slightly dizzy almost all the time... it's very hard to explain. I think someone might get the same dizzy feeling from reading long and then trying to focus on far away object.

Sometimes I feel physically out of balance and I feel clumsy, not very bad but noticeable.

I have concentrated on digestive related symptoms cause it all started from that physical fish-eating incident and I consider other symptoms as byproduct of this.

I wish you all the good.


It's me again is there a way I can get in touch with you to discuss this further ? I have a very similar issue for years and I might know what is going on


Hi Oblique!

Sorry it took so long to answer, I don't seem to get email notifications even if I chose to :(

Oh... I haven't shared my email address.

I have some update so I don't know if this makes my condition sound more similar,
or more different from yours, but I am really eager to hear more of you, and your story.

Got some more tests and here's summary:

Head Cat scan (without that radioactive stuff).
- everything seemed to be ok.

Pressure and pH monitoring:

Low pressure integral 296 mmHg 2 * cm
Diagnose: semihard hypotonic LES, mildly hypotonic UES.

Diagnose: Gerd , explains heartburn but not nausea.


There’s some separate lymphocytes and leukocytes among epithelial cells.
Crypt Epithelials renewal is little more rapid than normal.
Colon specimen I, II and III - Colon Inflammatio non specifica levis
Colon specimen IV was clean.

Doctor said that this might be a reason to my soft stools but doesn’t explain the nausea.

I have been on both, gerd and gallbladder diet for 3 weeks now and it seems to reduce nausea quite a bit.
Don’t want to celebrate too early ‘couse I’ve had semigood 3 weeks once before …

Best wishes to you!

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Hello again.

I don't know how I can contact you privately 'cause email addresses are removed and I don't know (at least couldn't find) the way to send private mails. :-( Do you have any suggestions... if not ,i'm going to figure something out. I really want to hear your story.

Have a nice day Oblique!


Hi Oblique

Seems like that there is no private messaging here and email etc. information are removed :-(
If you want it to be private ,you could go to boards and register there. Then you can send pm me more than one way but I think the easiest would be by searching my post clicking my name (same as here).

Hope hearing from you soon.


I had to reply to this because this sounds exactly like what I've had for years as well, and it's been much worse over the last few months. I have almost all the same symptoms. (I added bold notes in the quote)

I get very bad bouts about 1 per month were I can barely function, I feel very weak and shakey, right side of my face feels odd. It lasts a few days then goes back to normal. (well for me)

I also have suffered from motion sickness all my life. It has gotten worse in the last year or so. I can play games and such as well but weird things like looking at a huge aquarium will make me sick.

I noticed someone asked about a ringing in the ear and I do have a ring in my right ear.


can't edit:

I have had multiple MRIs on my head (with and without the dye)
CAT scan on head and sinuses
tons of blood work (always normal)
I have some kind of balance test or something in a few weeks but I think that may only be part of my issues.

To doctors I am healthy.


Hi KalreniaK

Thank you for writing.
Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well :-(

We have so similar symptoms that I'd like to hear more about your situation,
like have you been in any endoskopy, diets, parasites (like that blastocystis hominis).

Oblique asked about ringing ear. Hope she/he comes back to participate our conversation.

Have a nice day!

I'm still on that gallbladder and reflux diet they still seem to help a little, other symptoms like soft stools remain unchanged.


I have my first meeting with a gastrointestinal doctor tomorrow (4/27) so we'll see what comes of that.

I had a blood test a month or so ago to check for some kind of parasite and it was negative.

I can't even seem to figure out what helps and what doesn't.

And it seems to change. Sometimes eating makes me feel ok for a time where as other times, I feel worse, and I'm eating the same stuff.

The nausea hits me bad at random times it seems. Some days its early in the morning and other days it will be in the middle of the day.


Hello again.

How did the doctor meeting go? What tests did you get?

Yeah... nausea comes and goes here too, and I've been keeping a diary about everything I eat and do and there's still very little logic about how nausea comes and goes but I hope I'm getting there.


I am going to have an upper endoscopy (sp?) next week so we'll see where that goes.


I was told I have a hiatal hernia.


Hello again.

Oh you have hiatal hernia too :-(
So it's all diet then and maybe some acid reducing drugs then ?
Doctor told me that hiatal hernia doesn't cause symptoms like this but I'm starting to disagree.

I hope you start feeling better and let me know if drugs/diet works.

I still have to get my gallbladder and blastocystis/b12 vitamin checked. If those are ok, I think I have to go with hiatal hernia then.