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I am a 30 yr old, 6'1", 240lbs fairly healthy man who rarley excersizes anymore. I have been pulling my inner thigh muscles (Hip) frequently latly within the last 8 months. I have always had back problems so I am curious to know if my imflamation in my inner left thigh is due to a pinched nerve or something else. My inner thigh pulls so easily especially when I am getting out of the car or something. It happens out of nowhere.

My imflamation is not in my scrotum or groin area but between my Legs right where my leg turns into my inner thigh to the right of my anus, again in my inner thigh. It seems like its right before it turns into my buttocks. If I stand in front of a mirror & put my leg on top of the Toilet seat & pull up my sac I can see it's imflamed & sort of wrinkly & has craters.

The Pain is on both the front & back of the legs starting from under my waste & the Dull pain travels downward to my knees. I also get a dull pain when I have been sitting down for a long time or have my legs crossed indian style. Pain is also in the buttocks. I have no inflamed lymph nodes or a Hernia cause what I have seen from hernias online is that they are most common in the groin or scrotum area. My Sac is perfectly fine. I have no blood disharge from my anus or anything.

When sleeping on my side at night, I get a sharp/dull pain in that area & in the front of my legs right under my waste. The pain hurts right before my knees also.

Again, the pain come & goes but it does hurt only when I rub my fingers side to side on & apply pressure to the imflamed area, It sort of feels like a swollen nerve.

Any Ideas?

I will be setting an appt with my Dr. ASAP.

Thank you for your help..


I strongly suggest that you see a chiropractor in case the problem has to do with something out of alignment. If I don't see a chiropractor for several months, I get hip issues that are very similar to yours.