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im 46 missed 2 and a half months of my period a few days ago i spotted brown now im bleeding changing my tampon every hour or 2 how long will i bleed and also have very bad cramps


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Hi! Nothing can be said with certainty. Every woman will have individual symptoms and every woman experiences (pre)menopause differently.
It is impossible to say when you would get your period, when you would miss it and how long it would last. Some women get more frequent ones in perimenopasue, some get irregular periods, some women have prolonged bleedings, some have spotting, etc

If you don’t have any other disturbing symptoms like insomnia, hot flashes, mood changes, then I suppose you should just try to manage your current symptoms by maybe taking NSAID’s or you could discuss your options with your doctor on what to do.

You may discuss with your doctor about foods that are rich in estrogen. These are alfalfa, apples, carrots, cherries, cucumbers, dairy products, flaxseeds, garlic, olive oil and olives, pomegranates, potatoes, rice, soybeans, tomatoes, wheat, etc

These foods may give you natural estrogen booster since they are on the decline in perimenopause and exactly this decline is cause all the negative symptoms.