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I wonder if someone has any help for me. Everytime I eat breakfast (cereal, eggs, bacon or just bread) I get these heavy cramps in my abdominal area. Not eating breakfast helps, but I do get hungry. I know not eating breakfast is unhealthy, but hunger cramps is better that feeling like fainting when you do eat.
Is it some kind of allergy, or is it just the type of food I eat.



that's interesting. it's only breakfast that is painful? what about eating during the rest of the day? do you eat very late at night before bed? do you drink alot of alcohol?

I would try having a bit of plain unsweetened yogurt for breakfast and see how that feels. if that's ok after awhile, then add a bit of fruit (frozen berries are good), then maybe a few almonds, and so on...


I have the exact same problem, but I found a couple of things that work:

-avoid eating immediately after waking up. Give yourself 30 minutes or more before eating. Shoving food in my stomach right after getting out of bed will guarantee severe stomach cramps for up to 2 hours after eating.

-avoid eating peanut butter for breakfast; I can eat it anytime during the day and I'm fine, but dare I to eat PB for breakfast, and I'm toast.

-eat light; too much food intake will give me cramps so painful it will cause me headaches.

-eat slow; eating fast has the same effect as eating too much food.

-avoid coffee, milk, orange juice; at least at first, then you can re-introduce one at a time to see how your body reacts to those.

I've had to deal with this for 5 years now, and I'm pretty sure there's not a magic pill that'll let me pig out for breakfast, right out of bed...