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I have just started to get to know the world of diabetes and the meds in it. I have been diagnosed with diabetes type 1 last month and I have already started with the therapy. So, I guess I just want to know what would be my other options – can you tell me what types of insulin are available for diabetes type 1?


Well, there are three basic groups of insulin, short-term, long-term and extremely long-term. And I guess that depending on the severity of your diabetes, you have been prescribed with one out of those three types. And you should know that the medication only will not be able to help you, you have to change your habits completely, lead a healthy life, with a good diet and exercises.


sawyer is correct, there are three basic groups of insulin. Here is a little more information to help answer your question.

There are many types of insulin, and they are not all created equal. Each kind has its own unique action, and they are not interchangeable. Which insulin is right for you? The chart below will help you understand how the various insulin medications work and why your doctor has prescribed them for you.

Insulin is injected into the fat tissue which helps it absorb into the blood stream. Some insulin medications work faster than others but don't last as long, and some insulins last longer but work more gradually than others.

There are three characteristics that define types of insulin.

Onset: How long it takes for the insulin to start lowering blood glucose.
Peak Time: Time after injection when the insulin is the most effective at lowering blood glucose.
Duration: How long the insulin keeps lowering blood glucose
Insulin is prescribed by matching the characteristics of a particular insulin with the individual needs of the patient. Some people are on only one kind of insulin, while others take a combination of insulin medication to customize good glucose control.

There are four main types of insulin available.

Rapid acting
Intermediate acting
Long acting
There are also pre-mixed insulins. These combine intermediate acting insulins with regular insulin and are convenient for people who need to use both.