I haven't seen anyone with quite this situation so thought I would post and see if anyone has any experience.

For several months last year, I would have this intense pain before a BM,  that I could only describe as a colon cramp.  I removed Gluten from my diet and the pains went away.  Till three weeks ago.

Three weeks ago, I ate some gluten (unknowingly), quite a bit of it actually, and it plugged me up for a week.  I had these same cramps through that entire week, while on vacation, and it was agony.  What is left feels almost like an internal injury.  Every day as the waste moves through, it goes through that area and absolutely tortures me.

I'm taking some herbal supplements that are supposed to aid in healing in the colon.  No blood in the stool that I can tell.

Is it possible that the gluten, after sitting in there for so long, literally left a wound behind?