So glad to see others with similar issues on is my issue:

Pain in the rectal / vaginal area (seems to almost move at times) that builds prior to BM.  After BM, pain is better but not gone completely.  This is a constant pressure type pain that is made worse if I "manipulate" the area to see if there is a lump.  Started suddenly after sex....having not had sex in almost 8 months.  Not sure if that is a factor in this but the timing is, at the very least, coincidental.

I can't detect any hemorrhoids externally, and no lumps or growths that I can find.  There seems to be a bit of swelling in the area but that may be my interpretation alone.

I have been dx'd with IBS but it's never affected the rectal area.  Usually intestinal and mostly "growling" of the intestines and occasional discomfort but never south of the belly.

Of course, first thought is colon cancer but I'd like some opinions before I go screaming to the doc.  This has gone on for three weeks and if it's another week, I'm going in anyway, but I'd like to hear from others who might have had similar issues....might make this easier.