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I hope someone can shed some light on whats wrong with me. I suppose some background info may be of use first :-)

I'm 25 and have had a really bad sore throat for almost 4 weeks now.
When I first got the sore throat I went to my GP and she gave me a 12 day course of Penicillin VK which I took all of. My throat did get a bit better but after finished taking the entire course I started to get the bad sore throat back and this time I had mucous coating the back of my throat and tiny white patches on my tonsil crypts. I thought there was no point going back to my GP as she said that all she could give me.
So I tried gargling with Cayenne Papper which worked wonderfully, by throat stopped hurting and I felt totally back to normal. But now its been 1 week since I finished the Penicillin VK and my throat is still really bad overnight, I have to constantly cough to dislodge whatever is blocking my throat so I can breath. I stopped the Cayenne Pepper as it was starting to cause my gums to hurt.

Now for yesterday and today I have the urgency to make a bm but only passing gas with blood and mucous. The blood is very pale and totally mixed in the mucous. Every 2nd or 3rd bm I have actual poo but its in very small bits. It seems to come in waves, I need to go (or think I do) about 5 times in a row in a half hour time span and them I'm okay for a few hours.
My stomach hurts but I'm not sure if thats due to whatever is wrong with me or that I'm worried.

So after all that my question ism does anyone have any idea whats going on with me ? Could the Penicillin VK be having a delayed side effect (since its only been a week since I finsihed it), it says:
Side effects may include:
Anemia, black, hairy tongue, diarrhea, fever, hives, nausea, skin eruptions, stomach upset or pain, swelling in throat, vomiting
But is that only when youre taking it ?

And could the Cayenne Pepper have done anything to cause this ?
Is my disloging whatever is in my throat all the time simply going through me ?

Any help would be great ?
I have no history of bowel problems and I drink lots of water, eat my vegetables and get enough fiber.

I have started taking Acidopholous, Selenium and Olive Leaf to try to help out my system.


What has likely happened is the antibiotics have eradicated the good flora in your colon which aids in digestion. Several of us with ulcerative colitis (UC) had been on antibiotics when our UC developed, and we suspect the lack of flora allows certain foods to cause inflammation which were not a problem before. Once your colon is inflamed, it reacts by producing mucous in an attempt to protect it. Ulcerations develop and bleeding starts. The colon can't take up the water out of the waste and the silty diarrhea comes about. The acidophilus is on the right track (would recommend stopping the other herbs, though - this is a flora thing – and definitely stop the pepper (and all spicy things) it is really bad for your colon if it is inflamed). You need to replenish the flora in your colon. Go to and look at Healthy Trinity, it is the best I’ve tried, but if too expensive for you, look at its ingredients (it has the gamut of flora) and try to find something with or close to the same ingredients and counts. Take at least one a day for a month or two with your first meal. Eat yogurt that has as few ingredients in it as possible (organic yogurts usually just have the culture and a little sugar and fruit). Take Gas-X, Beano and Lactaid pills to help with any gas or 'urgency' you might experience, but take it only when needed, you'll build an immunity if taken regularly. Cut way back on the fiber for now - this is very important. Fresh fruits (blueberries, pineapple, and especially dried fruits (raisins, apricots, etc.)) are a bad problem while your flora is deficient, and cut out partially cooked vegetables (broccoli, etc.) and legumes (beans). Cook the vegetables to a point of being as soft as possible. As little red meat as possible. Seriously, it's time to be gentle to your colon, the gas and inflammation is coming because you're missing the flora to help digest the food you eat, and if undigested, you get gas because the food is literally rotting in your colon now, and then here comes the inflammation and the subsequent reactions - mucous, ulcerations, blood. Slow down on sugar, wheat and alcohol, too. Try to notice what gives you the most problems - everyone's 'problem foods' are different. Get the flora reintroduced into your colon. Avoid antibiotics, but if you have to take them, take probiotics in conjunction. No aspirin, it is brutal on an inflamed colon – Tylenol, only. By the way, if you still have a problem in your throat, see another MD. ... Good luck.


Thank you so much UCGuy, all your advice is extreemly helpful. I really appreciate it. I'll definately give the 'Healthy Trinity' a go.
It will be hard to cut out all spicy food as I love them but I hate the effects more so I guess its for the best.

Thanks again


You can likely go back to eating all of the things you like, including spicy food, once you get your flora back to normal. Just take it easy for now. Post back after using the probiotics, please, and let us know how things are going!


An update, as promised :-)
I feel heaps better. I couldnt get any '' as I'm in Australia so I am taking twice daily a probiotic called 'BIO ORGANICS Megadophilus 10 Billion' as well as a 'Yakhult' with lunch. This seems to be fixing everything.

I have still not had any dairy or spicy foods. I did try a pickle but this produced a tiny bit of blood in my bm so I think I'll not do that again.

I had some hot chips which only caused me to need to make a bm right after eating but it was normal so no worries there.

I was able to enjoy my christmas lunch which I was so happy for.

Thanks for all your help once again UCGuy and I hope you had a great christmas :-)